103 Missions had to be mastered

103 missions had to be mastered

Deputy chairman ronny reichenbach was able to bury numerous members at the annual general meeting of the fire department at the fire station in weismain. The topics of the evening ranged from club activities and operations to the status of plans for the 150th anniversary.
Ronny reichenbach, representing the professionally prevented chairman roland saum, highlighted the children's fire department, whose offer was very well received. The youth fire department as well as the successes in performance marches give the association a lot of pleasure.
Commander jochen bauer reminded that the fire department requirements planning approved by the city council in april 2016 has been set in motion, so that the emergency vehicles of the type "TSF-W" planned for arnstein and modschiedel will be available in the near future expected to be delivered in may 2018. The new "dekon PII" disaster relief vehicle could be picked up in april 2017 in bonn and taken over into operational service. It has already been used three times in various heavy weather operations and transported 1500 sandbags. 20 forces were able to pass the performance test "group in the fire brigade" three groups successfully deployed. This year, according to the commander, the performance test "technical assistance" will take place, associated with the inspection of the fire department, due to the jubilee only in october held. A total of 103 missions were carried out in the past year. These consisted of eleven fires, 39 technical assistance, 21 false alarms, one first-responder mission and 31 security patrols. Compared to 2016, this was an increase of eight deployments. Bauer particularly emphasized the room fires in altenkunstadt, zum kulmitz, and weismain, kolpingplatz, which had proved to be extremely challenging. Also worth mentioning are the animal rescues in marktgraitz and kaspauer.
Bauer emphasized that it was regrettable that the rust truck, which was supported by the former district fire chief kerner, was removed from the initial alerting. Bauer received support on this topic from mayor udo dauer, who appealed to the district fire inspector ottmar jahn, who was present, to appropriately modify this equipment and restore it to its former status. Jahn spoke in this context of "nothing being set in stone" and he will pass the matter on for a new examination.
With 26 task forces bauer called the daily availability unchanged very good. In the worst case scenario, 15 forces can be used. The number of C-certificates, with over 28, is impressive. With mario wenninger and florian saum, two new members joined the team in 2017.
Currently, the fire department has 74 active service members, including 36 respiratory protection unit members, 13 group leaders, four platoon leaders, five supervisors and one supervisor of the children's fire department. An oil barrier, a mud suction device, a gas warning device, roll containers with extensive loading, various protective clothing, new functional vests and 20 lockers were newly acquired. This year, the tender for a new multi-purpose vehicle and the replacement of a multi-purpose trailer is planned.
Youth director roland dauer reported a stable membership, which currently numbers 16 youth, including three young women, with an average age of 16 years. Five members were transferred to the active fire brigade. In turn, two new admissions from the circle of the children's fire department "loschkids" could be made to be recorded. The weismain youth fire department had 95 events last year, consisting of exercises and general youth work, such as carnival float construction. As a special thanks for their services to the youth work, christian kunstmann was awarded the honorary pin of the youth fire department of bavaria in silver and markus duck the honorary pin of the youth fire department of upper franconia. 

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