A magnificent building in new splendor

After the parish service in st. Markus, pastor norbert bergmann, blessed the fundamentally renovated "old parish house" and asked god’s protection and blessing also for the future residents who will move in there in mid october.

Planned were the redevelopment costs with 970000 euro, which have meanwhile increased to about 1.21 million euro. The one or the other surprise in the construction phase and the bad condition of some things led to the corresponding increase in costs. 685,000 euros were granted by the archbishop’s ordinariate, 5,000 euros by the office for the preservation of monuments, 28,000 euros by the upper franconia foundation and 13,620 euros by the bavarian state foundation. The bischberg parish received an interest-free loan of 150,000 euros "so that the old parish hall could once again become an ornament for bischberg".

Before the audience could get an impression of the newly renovated listed building, maria klug informed about the history of the parish of bischberg and about the representative baroque parish house. The building was begun in 1779 under pastor gallus sauer and completed in 1781. The construction costs amounted to 2799 gulden and 27 kreuzer in the final account, which the parish had to pay off for another 90 years.

The parsonage has been uninhabited for the last ten years and was used only by the parish office until 2016. This year, the decision was made to restore the building, and a competent firm was found in bamberger architekturburo gatz and its employee sebastian schmidt, who have now also implemented the extensive plans. The difficulty was to give the imposing building new spatial structures and at the same time to ensure the maximum preservation of the historic building fabric. Maria klug, in thanking the craftsmen involved, did not forget to express her heartfelt thanks to the many volunteers who helped with the construction work on site with your "construction manager martin knoblach.

Good friend visit

The parish council and the church administration took care of the catering for the numerous visitors from bischberg. Even pastor friedrich schmitt, who had served as pastor in bischberg for 27 years and moved out of the parsonage in 2008, does not want to miss "his old parsonage" once again.

Bischberg’s mayor johann pfister (BI), who has known the property inside out for years, was pleased that the valuable historic building at a prominent location in the community "will now be put to a sensible use".

Three residential groups for mentally ill people will be built here, which will be supervised by the social service of catholic women (SKF). Brigitte randow, executive director of the SKF, was very pleased with this decision and was also grateful that the sponsor had been involved during the planning phase. The new residents will certainly also like the green ambience around the parsonage. The arbors still have to be finished, but they already invite to stay and to pause.

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