Altmaier ready to make concessions in search for final storage site

Altmaier ready to make concessions in search for final storage site

According to the "neue presse" in hanover, this is the result of a letter from altmaier to SPD leader sigmar gabriel dated 31 december 2009. October, which is available to the paper. "In the course of an overall agreement, i am always prepared to make further compromises," the minister is quoted as saying. The only remaining points of disagreement are essentially the question of the structure of the administration, which can be resolved at any time if all parties are willing to do so.

For an agreement altmaier demands in the letter but also signals from the opposition. He could not accept a procedure in which he always made offers without knowing whether and under what conditions the SPD and the greens would be willing to compromise.

A planned cross-party consensus had collapsed for the time being after the SPD and the greens rejected the draft of a search law in mid-october. They demanded an improved concept for the new language. In addition to the handling of the gorleben salt dome in lower saxony, which has been under consideration for 35 years, the organization of the nationwide search is particularly controversial.

According to altmaier, the federal office for radiation protection is to become the owner of the site selection process. A new federal office for nuclear safety with an affiliated institute for site selection is to be set up to act as the authority responsible for approving final storage facilities. So it is to issue all important permits and monitor the repository search process.

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