Anni and hella provide atmosphere

A packed hall, great music, dancing, imaginative costumes, an exuberant audience and performers who put on a program lasting more than three hours. These days, carnival events can be found in every nook and cranny in the district. And yet: the carnival at the BRK senior citizens’ home in ludwigsstadt is special.

Especially because everyone from the apprentice to the janitor to the home’s management put in a great effort. But the undisputed stars of the afternoon were others, namely anni gallitz and hella scheidig – home residents and together 173 years old. Quickly put on the doctor’s coat, straighten the black bow tie, put a stethoscope around his neck – and off he goes. Anni gallitz – alias emergency doctor dr. Gallitz – and her partner hella scheidig not. Four appearances went on the account of the two rustigen ladies. Whether at the doctor’s visit of hella scheidig, who as frau krautwurst is not too fat, but only too small for her coarse, or as a linguistic pensioner in the park, the two energy bundles were simply a blast. Also during the solo performances of hella scheidig as the dashing lola as well as anni gallitz as the "pitiful mister mollmann, who is unmasked by his wife as a regular guest of a night bar, no eye remained dry.
"We are no longer excited. We are a well-rehearsed team", the seniors confidently. Anni gallitz is 87 years old and comes from the fichtelgebirge, before she and her husband moved to lauenstein later on. Hella scheidig comes from ludwigsstadt and is one year young. Together they have been performing for decades. "We are both in the vdk. Anni was local supervisor of lauenstein, i of ludwigsstadt. We have spent several afternoons performing together and have slipped into a wide variety of roles," said steger, hella scheidig remembers with a smile. The two ladies had a whole collection of funny speeches to their credit. That is why it is not difficult for them to surprise with new performances, even if they are especially on the theme of "a boat trip is fun" had nothing in their rough repertoire.

About seven years ago, the decision was made to hold a joint house carnival in which all residents can participate. The carnival has a new motto every year. This year, the decision was made for "a boat trip, that’s fun".
The individual groups rehearse their performances for themselves – on a voluntary basis during their free time, as this would not be possible during working hours. There is only one joint dress rehearsal. Both director peter schulz and director marion muller, who were also involved in the program, emphasized: "for us, the greatest reward is when our residents are happy and have fun."

The funkengarde and of course a new prince and princess, this year the lovely princess lisa with her fair prince mario, were also present. On the stage there were pirates, sailors, captains, haiti girls and boys and mermaids, among others. The famous shark bar on hamburg’s reeperbahn and lake constance are just two of the places where the event took place. In addition, there were many dance show acts. The ladies’ world came out in particular for the men’s ballet, the "krossen krabben", at your expense. The event was framed by the house and court musicians raimund trebes and armin fehn.

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