Basic fee for the payer increases

Basic fee for the payer increases

This will be increased from 35 to 48 euros per year. This was the unanimous result of the municipal council on monday evening, which set the costs for the burghers for the calculation period until 2016.
Three variants of a new calculation were presented to the committee. One of them provided for an increase in the current charge of 10 cents per cubic meter, with the basic charge then remaining unchanged.

For head of administration rainer schimpf, it was ultimately a "question of faith", he recommended a moderate increase in the basic fee, however, because this would provide more security. Overall, the water supply currently has a shortfall of around 10 euros.000 euros and that could be absorbed by increasing the basic fee. According to the head of administration, the basic costs of the water supply will be distributed more fairly, especially since 70 percent of the costs are fixed.

The faction speakers all pleaded for an increase in the basic fee. Harald hubner (CSU) recommended considering a shorter calculation period in the future. According to deputy mayor helmut erlmann (), the land charge also has the advantage that farmers, as coarse consumers, are not asked to pay more: "this is the fairer solution." A coarse water payer with a flow rate of 10 cbm will in the future cost 96 instead of 52 euros as before.

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