Cartauseverein wants a new concept for the museum in astheim

cartauseverein wants a new concept for the museum in astheim

At the annual meeting of the "friends of astheim charterhouse" association in addition to the new elections, the revision of the permanent exhibition of the museum kartause in the former kartaus monastery in astheim was also in the center of attention.

The association is committed to preserving the "valuable art object" of the museum to preserve and to arrange for the public, said the chairman of the association markus binzenhofer. Since 1999, the diocese of wurzburg has been using the former monastery buildings as a museum. After 20 years, the concept of the permanent exhibition is to be revised, explained its art advisor dr. Jurgen emmert: new priorities had to be set to keep up with the times.

Increasing number of visitors

The collection owns historically valuable rooms in the main loop area. The financial resources of the diocese will not increase in the coming years "therefore the museum must be better integrated through cooperation, for example with the city of volkach", said emmert. Binzenhofer and emmert agreed that the development of the site must be strengthened through marketing. Members discussed re-stocking the display case after the capuchin crib was removed from it due to insect infestation.

Binzenhofer was pleased that the association is well positioned with currently 60 members and that the number of visitors to the museum has increased since 2017. He suggested offering a guided tour on wine festival sunday, a concert and a museum night again this year. With the purchase of bar tables and seating last year, the association is now better equipped for cultural events.

Board confirmed in office

Likewise new elections took place. Markus binzenhofer remains chairman of the association, christine ostreicher second chairman and leo wagenhauser third chairman. The advisory council now has eight members instead of six. Jurgen emmert, roland kirch and orsolya zick joined the board as new members. The members confirmed franz-josef zwicker as treasurer.

In conclusion, zick reported on an interesting find during her final thesis on the kartaus monastery. She found evidence that a bible of astheim from the 16. A nineteenth-century manuscript, handwritten by a cartauser monk, is housed in a university in amsterdam. The association wants to deal with this finding in the near future.

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