What mr. Weib weib, makes other heib

Bernd weib writes a book. The word "failed" was in the first working title, but the CSU member of the state parliament and notary public quickly struck that out. Failed, even if only for the time being, is already another in his party. The non-successful one prefers to use the vocabulary of the father of the state, horst seehofer. Bernd weib goes on the air.
The lawyer from the village of bahra in the district of rhon-grabfeld, who has been a member of the state parliament for the CSU since 2003 and, after the 2008 electoral district reform, entered the maximilianeum for the first time as a direct candidate for the merged districts of habberge and rhon-grabfeld, is said to have a certain sense of mission.

The crash

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Ft heaven workshop in forchheim 2018 – children make heavenly gifts

Saturday was a tinkering day. At four of eight stations of the "heavenly workshop, the french day already for the 18th time. After the first christmas party was organized, christmas stars, greeting cards and walnub mice were made, and shopping bags were creatively painted. 122 children gave their "run sheets in a box to take part in the raffle that followed.

There was a big crowd right from the start at guido hafner’s show in the volksbank’s vault. After just over half an hour, 30 children were able to take home an angel they had printed themselves. This year the artist had created a very lively dancing angel as a linoleum print. "A madel halt", explains guido hafner, who had brought along angels from previous years for comparison to underline the diversity of the heavenly host.

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The first days in the new job

The first days in a new job are usually exciting and uncomfortable at the same time. You look forward to everything new that awaits you, but at the same time you feel insecure among all the unknown faces and tasks. Nevertheless, with a few little tricks, it's not that difficult to make a success of your start in your new job.

It is self-evident that one informs oneself about the most important formalities before starting a new job. Of course you have to know exactly where and when you have to arrive on the first day and who your contact person is. Arriving late is an absolute no-go, so allow plenty of time to get to work and even test the route to the office in advance if possible.

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Google warns users in china about censored terms

So far, after a censored search, there has only been a vague technical indication that the website is "unavailable" or that the connection has been "reset". In the search, for example, for the well-known dissident website peacehall, which is blocked in china.Com, google now rather shows: "we have observed that searching for [peacehall] in mainland china may temporarily interrupt your connection to google. This disruption is beyond google’s control."

With the warning, google reveals censorship in china more openly than before. The internet company wants to improve the handling of the search engine and prevent annoying interruptions, as google vice president alan eustace explained in a blog post. With the hint the user can still change the search, before the blockade begins.

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New environmental scandal in russian tundra

In the russian tundra, the nickel producer nornickel has been working on a new project following the disaster with 21.000 tons of oil spill highly toxic flussig waste dumped in rivers and lakes according to media reports.

The anti-government newspaper "novaya gazeta" published videos of the sewage polluted with heavy metals and acids. These flowed into the river kharayelakh, which flows via another river into the unique sub-water lake pyassino.

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Newspaper: brussel takes google to task harder than us colleagues

Eu competition commissioner joaquin almunia said his office was continuing to investigate allegations that google had discriminated against competitors in its leading internet search engine. At the same time, almunia spoke of progress after a meeting with google board chairman eric schmidt. Since the beginning of the talks in july, the differences have been considerably reduced. He expects official proposals from google in january, the commissioner said.

In the U.S., according to media reports, the most serious accusation by competitors that google has discriminated against them in favor of its own services in search results is off the table for antitrust watchdogs. Almunia, on the other hand, told the head of the U.S. Federal trade commission (FTC), jon leibowitz, later this month that EU regulators would continue to focus on this issue, the new york times reported. In europe, it is more difficult to dismiss allegations of abuse of a dominant position on the grounds of consumer benefits. Google had always replied to the accusations that it was operating a service for users and not for other search engines.

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Schweinfurt: rope in climbing garden rubs off – man falls four meters into the depths

Schweinfurt: rope in climbing garden rubs off - man falls four meters into the depths

According to a police report, a young man fell from a height of around four meters in the climbing garden at the schweinfurt quarry pond on thursday afternoon. After initial treatment by the emergency doctor, the man was taken to a hospital in schweinfurt by the ambulance service. No closer information is available at this time on the extent of the injury. The operation was then temporarily suspended by the police.

What had happened?

Around 3 p.M., the 23-year-old from the kolitzheim area fell while using the climbing garden. After initial investigations, a rope he was hanging from is believed to have snapped. After it could not be determined beyond doubt whether human error or a technical defect had led to the accident due to different statements on site – on the one hand from the staff and on the other from visitors – the operation was suspended for the time being. The equipment was also locked and sealed.

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Formula 1 emergency plan: hockenheimring could return

The hockenheimring could even imagine its role as a formula 1 lug-fuller during the corona crisis. The management of the baden traditional course is open to the possibility of holding a grand prix in the emergency calendar this summer.

"We were given a concrete request and did not close our minds to talks," jorn teske, who alongside jochen nerpel runs the business on the course in north baden, told the deutsche presse agency. "We are in irregular and loose exchange with the rights holders anyway."But the conditions are far from being discussed.

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Bags with water should protect from floods

In homeopathy, there is a principle that like helps like. The very substance that makes a person sick can therefore be used in attenuated form to cure him or her. It almost seems as if the inventors of a new flood protection system had taken this principle as a model, because they fight floods with water. The system was presented for the first time in germany on saturday.

Idea came in the desert

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Only 36 percent now: approval of steinbruck plummets

Only 36 percent now: approval of Steinbruck plummets

That is 12 points less compared to december. Steinbruck is thus in the list of the most popular party politicians 29 points behind chancellor angela merkel, who is in first place with an approval rating of 65 percent (plus 5). In october, after his nomination was announced, steinbruck’s approval rating was still at 59 percent.

In a direct election, the gap between merkel (CDU) and steinbruck was 25 percentage points, more than ever before (55 to 30). If federal elections were held next sunday, 41 percent of voters would vote union (unchanged). The SPD came in at 28 percent (down 1), the greens at 14 (up 2), the FDP at four (unchanged) and the left at six percent (unchanged). This meant that red-green still had no majority of its own at 42 percent.

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