Chocolate rider for the best short films

That went well just in time! The end of the world, just within reach, gives way to a happy ending. On the big screen the apocalypse has already come upon us umpteen times. Nuclear war, attack from outer space, climate catastrophes – we've seen it all before. Through hollywood, the spectacle of images has spilled over into all cinemas. In "armageddon" astronaut harry stamper, played by bruce willis, gives up his life to save the survival of mankind. The short film "armadingen from 2011 picks up the closing scenes of the blockbuster. A farmer, who lives with his wife in "armadingen" muhsam und zah, learns from the radio that a comet is apparently inexorably approaching the earth.

ARMADINGEN teaser from bildundtonfabrik on vimeo.

The farmer realizes how hard-hearted he was towards his danger to his life. You yourself, however, betrayed nothing of the impending impact. Dysentery awkwardly, he instead takes an interest in her flowers, arranges a candlelit dinner, since the power is already out, and invites her to go hiking the next day, even though that's when the sunset is supposed to start. But: the impact was averted at the last second by the U.S. Astronaut, as the radio reports, and with the invitation to go hiking it's getting serious.

Rough topic in small form
Philip kabbohrer's "armadingen" (director: mark michel) was not only awarded for its gentle punchline at the bamberger kurzfilmtage this weekend, the film won two coveted awards: the audience put it on the podium as its number one film. And furthermore the jury awarded the entry as best short film. She praised the "unaffected, direct view, from which humor emerges." Dramaturgically elegant, the 23 minute short film conveys a rough theme in a small form and plays incidentally with quotes from the hollywood repertoire. He is about as far away from the standardized morality of the dream factory as bamberg is from california.

All the films presented in the best-of reel told unusual, strange and interesting stories in their own way. There was "kidnapped", which was awarded by the children's jury (director: sarah winkenstette"), which, like any good children's film, also appealed to adults. There was the winner of the youth film award "qe skem a'malla harza – I am sometimes lonely" (director: tobias brehm), the encounter of two aubensiders, one a "leaf-fall researcher", and the other a "leaf-fall artist", the other a strange forest owl, traces.

The luitpold auditorium got crowded
Touching, the inner life of the autistic "veronika" described in the documentary film (director: mark michel), was about to become oppressive, as in the animated film "kellerkind" to see, but then also the pure play in the animated film "little plastic figure (director: samo-sama). Local color was provided by "regionalfilm" with the witty "kaiserschmarrn" winner (directed by philipp mobner).

The consistently high to highest level of the best-of-role may be remembered as particularly pleasing. The new venue in the coarse luitpold hall still has room for improvement in details such as the acoustics and the space between the seats. Nevertheless, the organizers have entered a new, promising dimension of the cinema experience. Images turned into impressions.



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