“Die lochis” mix up the internet with videos

Roman and heiko lochmann have given their newcomer award at the german webvideos 2012 a place of honor. The prize – awarded by the european web video academy (EWVA) – is sitting on the windowsill in their living room. With their internet videos, the twins from riedstadt in south hesse are little stars on the youtube video platform – at the age of 14. They have made a name for themselves in only one and a half years: "dielochis".

They have web video friends to thank for the young talent award. They discovered the "dielochis on the net and reported the videos of the academy. The EMVA, based in dusseldorf, sees itself as an independent body for web video makers. Uncompensated prizes are awarded and the artistic design of web videos is required, as spokesman julius endert explains.

The twins score points with their fans with their funny parodies and gags, and can sometimes be seen in disguise. "The two have developed incredibly", praises youtube spokeswoman mounira latrache. Around 130.000 subscribers have rallied around the twins. And the fans can be sure that every saturday a new film will be added to the list. One hit, for example, is a parody of "will".I.On the feat. Britney spears – scream& shout".

Seven million views a month
"The twins have seven million views a month", reports latrache. "There aren't many in this age group who get involved like that." How it started? "We just felt like it and grabbed a camera", tells roman. "The ideas just come", reports his brother heiko. "We don't sit at our desks for three hours and dig, but we usually have the same sense of humor." And roman adds: "when we experience something crazy, we get an idea."

The two boys take care of everything themselves: lyrics, music, technology. What they earn with their videos, they put into their equipment or put aside something. Despite the hype, they want to stay down to earth. The eighth-graders are in soccer clubs, want to graduate from high school, don't want to hurt their friends and also want to go to conformation. That fans send them love letters, they almost answer with a smirking shrug: "it's just part of it."

The twins filmed in their technically upgraded rooms or rooms in the attic in riedstadt. The more fans their videos got, the more they explored new locations. When they have their stuff in the box, but their parents look at it again, before the videos go on the internet.

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