Eight rockers in custody after raid

Eight rockers in custody after raid

On friday, a 38-year-old man was charged with drug trafficking in a not insignificant amount, according to the spokesman of the public prosecutor’s office, martin steltner. In addition, seven men had already been issued arrest warrants for gang-related narcotics trafficking on a large scale. Following an examination, a 19-year-old man was also remanded in custody on friday evening, steltner said.

Around 1100 officers, including the GSG 9 special unit, raided almost 80 bandido apartments, workplaces and clubhouses on thursday. Focus of the raid was the clubhouse of the bandidos del este in hennigsdorf north of berlin.

A dane, who had been a random hit on the police during the eight-hour action, was released after paying an outstanding fine, the police said.

Berlin’s interior senator frank henkel (CDU) had announced further pressure on the scene. During the police operation, investigators also discovered a chemical laboratory in which drugs were probably being produced. Drugs, cash, sharp firearms, knives, cars, stolen motorcycles and baseball bats were also confiscated.

Last week, the most influential group of the hells angels, which are enemies of the bandidos, had been banned in berlin. The authorities assume that there are about 500 bandidos in the capital and about 400 in brandenburg.

President of the bandidos rocker club in hennigsdorf is a former berlin police officer. He was initially taken away, but after the establishment of the personalities came back to free fub.

The security authorities in germany have been cracking down on hells angels, bandidos and other rocker clubs for some years now.

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