Eye-catcher at the albertshofer kirchweih

Christian gimperlein wished for a beautiful kerm and a good mood before the start of the kirchweih parade. Gimperlein is the chairman of the albertshofen needs association and, together with many others, began organizing the albertshofen church fair as early as august. But no matter how long the preparations lasted, no one could influence the weather in favor of the kirchweih. Nevertheless, christian gimperlein remained confident shortly before the start of the parade on sunday: "there is no such thing as bad weather at the kerm."
The weather was more than modest: it rained during the entire show, the spectators who lined the streets kept themselves dry as best they could with umbrellas, and some of the posters on the floats slowly softened.
Nevertheless, everyone was in a good mood: the high council – all members in tails and top hats – was never tired of making clear who was having kirchweih this week. Even when their voices had grown hoarse from shouting, singing and puffing cigars, they still celebrated themselves and their village loudly on their wagon. "Who has kerm? – we have kerm!", the older boys shouted again and again, cheering and raising their cylinders in the air.
The rest of the party people on the floats didn’t let the bad weather spoil their mood either. They had worked too long for that, as could be seen at first glance: a train of tractors, all decorated with lettuce heads and colorful vegetables, drove leisurely from the land of the vegetable trade to the parish hall to pay a visit to pastor otto golkel.
After singing "laudato si" at the top of his lungs, he served the high council drinks – but not the kind the members of the high council had expected: instead of alcohol, they had special drinks. "We’ll have to practice that until the next term, a member of the high council shouted, but by then the carriage was already moving on. After that, the other wagons passed by the parish hall and pastor golkel was presented by the drivers with either bread with freshly churned butter or a cup of soup.
Then the clergyman himself had to go into action. He had to snatch a sausage from a string with his mouth from a fishing rod. "They have already come up with something nice", the pastor noticed after most of the cars had already passed by – but he hadn’t yet spotted the car of the surveyors.
Instead of the rattle of a tractor, the audience at the side of the road heard loud music and the noise of an engine revving far too high. Instead of a bulldog decorated with gemuse, a neon yellow car drove through albertshofen’s streets. On the roof of the car a black sofa with the writing "make kerm no war" was rotating.
With this car, the geometers have perfectly fulfilled their mission for the kirchweih, namely to appear as bizarre, crazy and above all anarchistic as possible. "These are the wild ones in the village", suspected pastor golkel.
The surveyors also went wild when they had to look for and dig up the kirchweih barrel after the parade. Somewhere inside a small field this barrel was buried. Before it was found again, a toilet bowl was dug up and the surveyors destroyed as many old things in the field as possible. The church fair speech "the kerwaraid" became a utopia, almost in the background: the highlight was simply the geometers.
When the barrel was finally dug by the very youngest under the guidance of the surveyors, the mood reached its high point. The rain could not harm the church fair. Wet, but in good spirits and with big grins on their faces, the spectators of the procession went to the parish hall for coffee and cake afterwards. Christian gimperlein was right with his prediction at the end of the kirchweih parade: even the worst rainy weather can’t harm the kerm in albertshofen.

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