Federal association labels legal music offerings on the net

"We want to create a clear demarcation from services that make their business at the expense of creative," said association head florian drucke.

Among the twelve providers that have already been awarded the so-called playfair seal are music services such as itunes, deezer, juke, spotify or wimp. "We want to reach out to everyone, including other industries," drucke affirmed. The plan is to expand the idea to include films, books and games.

Sascha eigner, guitarist of the band jupiter jones, buried the initiative. "I think it has a lot to do with respect," he said on thursday. "I don’t want to print on the tranendrons," but many people simply don’t realize how much work is behind the music that artists earn their money with.

The federal association referred to the current study of the society for consumer research on digital content use. According to the survey, only 37 percent of users find it easy to distinguish between legal and illegal music on the internet. The greatest uncertainty is among consumers under 20 or over 30 years of age. According to the survey, which polled around 10,000 people across germany, almost 60 percent think it is unfair to use services that don’t give artists a share of their earnings.

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