Federal nature conservation goes up in the air

federal nature conservation goes up in the air

During the redesign of the weisendorf castle park, many breeding hollows in old trees were lost. The local group seebachgrund in the bund naturschutz (BN) therefore wants to create a small compensation for this loss with artificial nesting aids, it says in a press release.
The first nesting box for the tawny owl, weighing 15 kilograms, was hung up these days. The nature conservationists were pleased about the support of the municipality of weisendorf. With the help of the building yard and its hoist, it went up to a good five meters high, so that the tawny owl could feel at ease. Four aluminum nails hold the two hooks for the box made of solid wood concrete.
Nature conservationists were also particularly pleased about the funding for the nesting cave. Two councillors of the civic electoral association have donated meeting money and increased the amount a little so that it is enough for the tawny owl box. The collection in the castle park is completed with nesting boxes for the starling and the treecreeper.
But this is not the end of the activities of the local group for this year. Saturday, 18. November, starts at 9.30 o’clock behind the industrial park hebdorf a planting action. With the support of the landscaping association and financed by the municipality of hebdorf, about 100 shrubs and four fruit trees are planted for the further greening of the business park. We are still looking for energetic helpers.
In december, it is planned to install another owl box in the FFH area north of sauerheim. In addition, the local group wants to continue to improve the biotope at the self-managed pond by shortening a willow so that it is suitable as a roost for the tawny owl.

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