Floods threaten venice – mose flood protection system active

Floods threaten venice - mose flood protection system active

Due to storms and strong winds, the northern italian lagoon city of venice is threatened with flooding. The flood protection system "mose" has therefore been activated, wrote mayor luigi brugnaro on twitter.

According to the commune’s situation report on tuesday morning, the authorities expect acqua alta by friday. By wednesday evening, the level could rise by up to 1.35 meters, according to forecasts. The highest warning level was reached at 1.40. For wednesday and thursday, meteorologists expected more storms.

In marcus square in the heart of venice’s old town, the water was standing on tuesday morning. Live pictures showed footbridges for people to walk across the popular tourist site.

"Mose" protects the old town

Mose" flood protection system to protect venice from storm surges. It consists of 78 barriers that the city can raise at three entrances to the lagoon, and has been in operation since fall 2020. The multi-billion dollar project is controversial. Corruption, bureaucracy, lack of decision-making, political and economic self-interest delayed construction for a long time.

Experts also believe it is possible that the system will have to be active for the entire year starting in 2075 if climate change and the resulting rise in sea levels are not decisively slowed down. This has had a huge impact on the lagoon’s environment and economy.

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