Food myths notwithstanding

Food myths notwithstanding

School milk day at meeder elementary school: celine, annemarie, veronika, luna and miriam love fresh vegetables, purr heartily at the carrots and like to drink milk. The girls in class 1 know what’s healthy. Class langst. Chocolate? Of course, but only a little, tells miriam, and about the dairy snacks she likes to eat. Annemarie comes from neida. She knows the farm next door from an early age and naturally knows where the milk comes from.

On the occasion of school milk week, nutritionists from the coburg agricultural office invited the girls and boys of meeder elementary school to a healthy breakfast table with vegetables, cheese breads and organic milk on friday.

Despite all the nutrition myths that are booming today and causing a lot of confusion, milk is and remains a valuable food, especially for children. That’s why it’s good news that school milk can now be distributed to children free of charge at bavarian schools. A little bureaucratic effort is necessary for the school administration, admits gudrun mockl, but it’s worth it for the students.

All 115 schoolchildren from meeder not only learned a lot about milk, but also enjoyed milk and dairy products together during the break. The four nutrition experts from the coburg agricultural office, gudrun mockl, marianne rebelein, christine reininger and simone vetter, together with the two nutritionists sabine martin and nicole scheler, held a lesson in all five school classes.

With a lot of visual aids, for example cow food (cow musli) and small experiments such as churning cream into butter, the children learned where milk comes from, how much milk is produced each day during milking, what a cow eats, how much it drinks, what all is in milk and what can be made from it. After so much "theory there was a rush to the lovingly prepared healthy buffet: carrots, cucumbers, peppers, delicious cheese bread and, of course, fresh organic milk. The milk, by the way, came from the organic farm stahr in france switzerland, which already supplies some schools in the city and the district with its organic milk. Nutrition experts hope that the school milk campaign will make this valuable food more palatable to children.

The anna-B.-eckstein elementary school in meeder, assures principal eileen fritsche, attaches great importance to healthy nutrition. As part of the school fruit program, the organic farm in callenberg delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to the school once a week. Nutrition education firmly anchored in curriculum and teaching. There is a class 2000 program, and the third graders take a "nutritional driving test from. "Here, the children learn how to process and prepare healthy foods themselves, such as salads", said the rector.

Free school milk for the children would be great, the school is very interested in it, said eileen fritsche. It is hoped to find a supplier from the region if possible perhaps the school could join forces with the kindergarten, christine reiniger suggested.

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