Former mayor played

Former mayor played

In the meantime, he often plays the role of the grandfather. His favorite role at the time was pizza maker. And norbert grasser has also already made burgermeisters. But since march, this game on the stage of the konigsfeld amateur actors has become serious and the 61-year-old has become a real community leader. This new "role actually fills him out. But as an honorary mayor he continues to pursue his previous job at a local garage door company. Even if only on two instead of five days a week. Likewise the agricultural bio sideline enterprise is continued of course. Many roles that grasser also slips into in real life.

The fact that norbert grasser comes across as a likeable guy on stage and often receives applause is actually already apparent from his appearance: he is simply a guy. Komodien, on the other hand, is liked by grasser because the public enjoys itself there and is well served. In approximately the same way he would also like to offer his community, so take good care of himself. As the successor of the popular gisela hofmann female grasser that there were left rough fubstapfen. Norbert grasser also wants to set his own accents. Not only that he has the addition "in at the lettering burgermeister at the office in konigsfeld andert. He also sees new approaches in the village renewal measures: "no longer just stones, but also more greenery, more nature", explains the man who is very attached to his agriculture.

Skeptical at first

As a sideline, the family farms and keeps suckler cows with a herd of currently 25 animals of the charolais and limousin breeds. Wife elisabeth and son ulrich help him with this work. This and two sisters live with on the farm, the third daughter in wattendorf. "Family is important to me, the 61-year-old emphasizes. Admittedly, the wife was skeptical at first when she heard about the husband’s burgermeister plans. In the meantime, however, everyone is firmly behind him, grasser is satisfied. This frees him up for the projects he wants to implement for his municipality, which has a population of around 1,300 and pays for seven parts of the community.

Village center auerten

The decision has been made to demolish the outdated and structurally dilapidated building at hauptstrabe 21, which also no longer provides sufficient space for the fire department and houses community rooms such as the meeting room and mayor’s office. Parking spaces are to be built at this location. The community had acquired the so-called thein house in the immediate vicinity.

Grasser wants to renovate this, the center of the village. "A feasibility study is underway." The almost 10,000-square-meter site offers further opportunities, says grasser. For the security of the local supply, or for a doctor, but also for the care of old citizens.

It will probably take a while. What is already taking too long for the mayor is the broadband expansion. "It has to go faster", he finds. Konigsfeld is also to become active in the field of clear sludge disposal.

Incidentally, the mayor is proud of the fact that no farmer in the municipality makes land available for spreading. This year, attempts are to be made to press water out of the clear sludge and to use the rest thermally. Of course, he would prefer to recover the phosphate and return it to the cycle. "The phosphate reserves are finite."

Even as a farmer who loves the countryside and nature, grasser thinks in the long term. In the long term, he had nothing at all against a further term of office at the moment. Because: "as a pensioner, just walking the dog is not something I want to do."

Service and complaints

In the company, he had actually wanted to quit the mayoralty altogether. But his boss asked him to at least get his successor up to speed. Grasser, a certified mechanical engineering technician, is responsible for service, complaints and gate control systems in the office. For service and complaints in the broader sense, he is now also responsible in the mayor’s office, he says mischievously.

His boss, by the way, also sits in the municipal council and in the same grouping as himself, i.E. In the burgerblock. But here, the roles are swapped: "in the company, he’s the boss, in the city council, it’s me, mentions norbert grasser with a smile.

Completely in the pure and content with itself and the world above on the jura, which he likes so: "here one has always helped itself." Perhaps also because everyone knows everyone.

And so grasser will naturally remain norbert or nobbi as head of the municipality. Who plays krawallo on wednesdays (as soon as the corona requirements allow it) and will be back on stage at the next theater play. But then only in a supporting role. Because the mayor’s office "plays the most important role" for him, right after his family.

Prufstein question: before the election, we asked all the candidates for mayor this question, among others: which three issues do you see the greatest need for action in your community and how do you intend to tackle them??

Norbert grasser: these are the implementation of the goals of integrated rural development (ILE), the redesign of the village center, and the rejuvenation of the clearing system. There are no patent remedies for all three. But we will decide step by step which measures we will take.

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