Google warns users in china about censored terms

So far, after a censored search, there has only been a vague technical indication that the website is "unavailable" or that the connection has been "reset". In the search, for example, for the well-known dissident website peacehall, which is blocked in china.Com, google now rather shows: "we have observed that searching for [peacehall] in mainland china may temporarily interrupt your connection to google. This disruption is beyond google’s control."

With the warning, google reveals censorship in china more openly than before. The internet company wants to improve the handling of the search engine and prevent annoying interruptions, as google vice president alan eustace explained in a blog post. With the hint the user can still change the search, before the blockade begins.

Google had entered the chinese market in 2006 and initially bowed to censorship requirements. But there was a turnaround in 2010. The group has since redirected search requests from china via hong kong to avoid having to censor results itself. Previously, the company had been the victim of a massive internet attack, which, according to google, originated in china.

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