Hawaii winner haug: ban doping sunders forever

Hawaii winner haug: ban doping sunders forever

From her point of view, it is only in germany that an athlete is punished in this way, whereas in italy the former tour de france winner marco pantani is still a national hero even after his death despite doping. "We germans are very extreme in this respect. I think it’s good," said the 36-year-old from bayreuth.

She does not put her hand in the fire for anyone in the triathlon. "Unfortunately, i have lost this naivety in the meantime, but i can speak for myself and stand at the starting line with a clear conscience and say: i am clean! And if i can win hawaii, then it is possible to win hawaii cleanly," haug emphasized.

This year’s triumph has not changed anything for her. "Sometimes you think that if you reach a very rough target, then you will find complete satisfaction, then everything will change, but in the end nothing will change at all," haug explained. And that was a good thing, because if you were suddenly satisfied, it would be the end of your career. But it is easier to stand at the starting line when no one expects anything from you. "It’s easier than going into a race as a hawaii champion and everyone expecting you to win," said haug.

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