Johannisthal school is again under discussion

Only a year after the johannisthal school site was considered secure, it is once again the subject of debate. At that time, parents and the local council had fought to have the principal position in johannisthal filled again and thus not only achieved this goal with the government of upper franconia, but also the preservation of the johannisthal school site. But now it is under discussion again.

The mayor of kups, herbert schneider (no party affiliation), has addressed his councillors, the school management and the parents' advisory council. An extension to the middle school in kups has now been called for. If the school in johannisthal has to be renovated in a few years, it will only receive the same amount of funding that is now needed for the expansion in kups. On wednesday schneider invited to an information meeting. In response to our question, he did not want to go into more detail on the contents of the "purely working session" enter. It is an internal discussion in preparation for the market town council meeting on 24. November had been. There was a constructive exchange of views, he said.

Good prognosis

Kerstin schmidt-muller, who is currently standing in for the principal, gisela gebert-hartenstein, and who is also the second chairwoman of the forderverein and a local councillor, did not fully understand in the run-up to the infodiscussion why the johannisthal site is now once again being debated. After all, the position of principal has been filled again for a year, the number of schools in johannisthal is forecast to increase, the educational offer is good – johannisthal is, among other things, a flexible elementary school and an environmental school – and a general renovation of the elementary school in the next few years is not allowed after all, a lot had already been invested in the past few years. From her point of view, the johannisthal school is in a good position: "I am convinced of the small school and the pedagogical offer."

The chairwoman of the parents' council, tanja mahr-reibrich, did not want to comment on the issue yet.

CSU faction spokeswoman ursula eberle-berlips emphasized that the discussion was not over with yesterday's talk, as it was only about information. The decisions ultimately lay with the parliamentary groups. "The well-being of the children is our focus," she emphasizes, she emphasized. However, the question of schools in the kups market is very complex; school numbers, demands and many other issues play a role. "The goal, however, is to maintain the school location in johannisthal", she emphasizes. And for the time of the new school building (middle building) in kups – that is for "six plus X years" – she does not see any danger at all for the johannisthal location. On the contrary: since the aim is to get by without containers in kups, the johannisthal school is actually particularly needed in this phase.

In the long term, it must be seen that kups is the only county municipality that still maintains two school districts. On the other hand, the forecasts for johannisthal are good, the level is high in both schools and therefore "we would like to keep both schools if possible".

Planning security

Dieter lau, SPD group chairman, sees the situation as similar. After the infogeschrach, in which the architect discussed the renovation in kups, lau assured: "the middle building of the middle school kups will be expanded as much as possible to meet demand." And from his point of view he adds that "at the moment there is no reason to dissolve the school district johannisthal".

Parliamentary group spokeswoman helga muck (freie wahler) understands that the people of theisenort and johannisthal care about their school and stand up for it. With a view to the meeting in two weeks' time, the various points of view on the school situation in the market town will be discussed against the background of the school building renovation in kups. Then a decision must be made about the concrete procedure in kups, in order to give the architect planning security. However, it is clear that the general renovation will take place.

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