Kissinger wants to conquer the city hall of wunsiedl

Kissinger wants to conquer the city hall of Wunsiedl

Most people in kissingen probably don’t know all that much about the town of wunsiedel. The district town in southern upper franconia is known, among other things, for its spectacular luisenburg rock labyrinth and the annual theater festival held there. Others may still know that the writer jean paul (1763-1825) was born in wunsiedel. For many years, the town also attracted unwelcome attention because of the grave of rudolf heb, the hitler deputy who was buried there, which was a pilgrimage site for his followers.

Now, younger kissing residents in particular will perhaps take a closer look at what makes the town of 9,000 inhabitants in the fichtelgebirge so special. A young man from kissingen wants to become mayor there. The executive committee of the CSU in wunsiedel has proposed 29-year-old nicolas lahovnik as a candidate for next year’s mayoral election. At the presentation, the christian socialists from wunsiedl called lahovnik an expert in budgetary matters. According to reports from regional media, they also praised him for his "high level of economic competence" to. He wants to "approach all groups in wunsiedel", said the 29-year-old himself to a regional newspaper. In any case, he does not see himself as a party soldier. Formal nomination by the members of the CSU in wunsiedl still has to follow, however. Lahovnik is to succeed the incumbent mayor, karl-willi beck, also a CSU member, who has already been elected three times to the office of city leader. According to media reports, beck will not run again for health reasons. It is not yet clear whether lahovnik will have to reckon with opposing candidates. Currently, the CSU has an absolute majority in the wunsiedl city council.

The 29-year-old has shown ambition and determination in his career so far. After graduating from high school in bad kissingen, he qualified as a diplom-verwaltungswirt at the verwaltungshochschule hof and studied law in wurzburg.

After working for the city of schweinfurt and as head of the municipality of triefenstein in main-spessart, he moved to the administration of the city of weiden last year. He has been working there since april as an economic challenger. At the presentation in weiden a year ago, lahovnik not only reported on his performances as a saxophonist with the kissinger band soundladen, but also gave a first hint as to why he is now running for mayor in wunsiedel of all places: his wife stefanie comes from the county of wunsiedel. Lahovnik himself was born and grew up in bad kissingen. He was the school spokesman at jack-steinberger-gymnasium and the district school spokesman and state school spokesman for the gymnasiums in bavaria. He graduated from JSG in 2009.

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