Less turnover in the stadel this year

Less turnover in the stadel this year

The weather gods are anything but kind to the bierfest 2013. "I had ordered temperatures around 22 degrees. That would have been ideal, but we won't get that this year," says schmid, said michael schmid of kulmbacher brewery in his half-time review of the beer week, which kicked off on a much too bright saturday. "Nevertheless, we can be proud that so many people found their way to the tent, but we served much less beer than usual." "But we don't want to set new records every year at the beer festival. This is a festival with tradition", adds company spokeswoman helga metzel.

Relatively quickly came to the beginning of the week, the hoped-for cooling, but with rain. "We have had significantly fewer visitors. But at the isartaler witches were 3500 people in the tent. And at the day of the generations there were 2100, that's also another 250 more than the year before", says schmid.

"Almost inhuman
Landlord gunther limmer said it was "almost inhumane" on the first weekend had been to work. The waiters and waitresses had performed almost impossibly. "But we got through the heiben tage well. Now we just do our best to make up for the turnover. On sunday, however, we thought that the people of kulmbach had forgotten how to celebrate. The tent was almost empty for an hour and a half", so glimmer and shake his head. "If we go out with a black zero, we are satisfied", festwirt werner glaser also comments on the rather unusual beer week.

A significant decrease in physical injuries recorded by the police. "People don't all behave in an exemplary manner, but most of them do", gerhard renk, head of the kulmbach inspection department, was pleased. Only four or five cases have been recorded so far. Four people had to spend the night in the smoke-out cell. "Some of those who got too much were handed over to the BRK." In addition, a 20-year-old who kicked off the mirrors of several cars on saturday will have to face a charge of property damage.

No driver's license confiscated
Not a single driver has been caught drunk driving so far. "We hope that this will continue in the second half of the week", so renk.

Ines sack from the red cross came up with concrete figures: more than 40 volunteers have already performed 1547 hours of service. The BRK was represented on site with a strong team and an emergency doctor. A total of 121 patients were treated. "It's about the same as last year, nothing out of the ordinary", so ines sack. A man had a seizure, which falls under the severely injured category. "But this had nothing to do with the beer week, this could have happened anywhere." In addition, nine patients with moderately severe injuries had been paid for. "These are people who had cuts that needed stitches", so ines sack. And 111 patients had to be treated for insect bites or minor cuts. "But we hardly had any visitors who had consumed an excessive amount of alcohol. That was much less than last year".

"Not with flip flops"
"Our appeal was simply not to go into the beer tent in flip-flops. When a beer mug falls down, it's just dangerous", michael schmid supports the BRK employee. "You don't have to wear safety shoes, but you have to wear sturdy shoes", the chief organizer hopes for the understanding of the party people and is confident that the second half of the beer week will be better than the first one. The temperatures speak for themselves.

Bottles of beer as a souvenir
The beer week has one new feature to offer: the brewery is located on the market square. There tourists and interested people can learn everything about brewing. "The bottles of beer are often taken away as a souvenir", helga metzel is happy about the success.

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