Mergers: the lure of the beastly mammon

Mergers: the lure of the beastly mammon

When mammon calls, it's obviously hard to stay on your toes. Then they rush up, knock over tables and seats and chase the money with wide-open eyes. It is the unrestrained desire for pleasure, satisfaction, possession, for the fulfillment of ever more mabloose desires.

At the same time, the defense shields are brought into position, smoke candles are thrown, accompanied by words of clarification: it is pure envy that wants to prevent progress, even reason. Critics appear as mischievous contemporaries who knew nothing better with their time than to spread crazy opinions.

Some majesties are even offended and send in their courtiers, who beat the drum of opinion to turn the tide again. All in the certainty that they will soon experience the gratitude of their sovereignty in the flesh. Then peace returned. But only until the next object of desire comes within reach.

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