Munnerstadters are surprised by their own victory

Munnerstadters are surprised by their own victory

By nicole oppelt

the premiere of the "lutzi-warm up – wildcard-battle" has united not only musicians of different styles, but also generations. It was packed at the bad kissingen youth and cultural center on the occasion of its first competition cooperation with"…And off goes the lutzi!". A total of six up-and-coming bands from the region competed for a gig at the music festival in rottershausen. In the end, the indian rockers from "taste of affinity" triumphed from munnerstadt.

The team around christoph sturmer, head of the jukuz bad kissingen, and his cooperation partners from"…And off goes the lutzi!" Under the aegis of christian stahl and klaus schmitt wanted to challenge the region's up-and-coming musicians. Six bands competed for a spot at the fourth edition of the festival. Just 20 minutes of playing time and a cover of the headliner "itchy poopzkid" to boot was the target for the young people.

Musical mix
The mix of "punk to schlager" explored by christoph sturmer fulfilled above all musically. Starting from the first position, the schlager-formation "goldeisen", which comes along with a lot of tongue-in-cheek from schweinfurt, up to "shit happens when you party naked" from noodles, who knew how to convince with popcore, a diversified spectrum was offered. The concept worked for both sides: the kissinger haus was able to bury a strong mix consisting of fans, parents and other family members. The festival, which was not far away, also attracted all eyes a good eight weeks before its start.

Head-to-head race
Who will share the stage with the german punkrock band from eislingen was decided by the audience. The different fan blocks had loudly cheered on their favorites. In the end, the young people from "taste of affinity" won in a neck-and-neck race from munnerstadt by. Julian (vocals), david (guitar/backing) vocals), oli (guitar), jan (drums) and markus (bass) did not only win the opening gig of the festival on the rockstage. Your band treasury is now happy about 200 euro for future merchandise. Second place went to "shit happens when you party naked", third place went to "raw idol" from schweinfurt/bad kissingen.

"For us as a band it was the first time that we performed on such a platform. We are more than positively surprised that we could assert ourselves as winners. And that against bands that have been in the business for a long time", says julian. They were happy that their music, which had reached the public for the first time, was so well received. They have been together in this constellation for less than one and a half years. Only since two years own songs developed, which could be heard now for the first time by a broad crowd. Their stage experience was "minimal. And support there was at first only from the own families. Participating here was actually more of a spab for them. The task of covering an itchy poopzkid song, however, was easily accepted by them as die-hard fans. Now to actually meet their idols, they were looking forward to it even more.

Euphoria reigns not only in the kunstler backstage area. The organizers are also in a celebratory mood. "It was really good, and there was super much going on in the jukuz", sums up christian stahl. He and his team from… And off goes the lutzi!" Were thrilled by the musical variety and the broad audience. "I hope that all those who decided today will be standing in front of the stage at the lutzi", he refers to a new reunion.

Jukuz director christoph sturmer has a similar opinion. "This was a successful cooperation." He also found praise for the implementation of the cover task. "Each of them had an absolutely unique value. That was nothing sung after. All of them made the chosen song their own, and each song got a little bit of the band's heart through the interpreters." With pleasure such an event could take place again in bad kissingen. The lutzi team has also participated actively as helpers during the event.

In rotterhausen it goes into the "heibe phase". The 7. June the festival will be followed by a home evening with the "dorfrockers intoned. On 8. June the actual festival takes place, among other things with the berlin electro live DJ robin sukroso and the "mundwerk crew".

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