On the a7 near kirchheim: truck skids across the road – does the emergency lane work??

Overturned truck blocks A7: in the night from wednesday to thursday (29. March 2018), a semitrailer truck overturned on the A7 at the hattenbacher triangle. Around 1 a.M., a 27-year-old truck driver from the district of bamberg made a serious driving mistake. The man works for a forwarding agency in saxony.

On wet road, the truck came at "inappropriate speed" in lurch and the driver lost control of the steering wheel. The tractor-trailer skidded across the four lanes of traffic and hit the left-hand concrete safety barrier. The trailer overturned and remained heavily damaged, lying across the carriageway of the A7 motorway.

Six-figure damage

Fortunately, following cars were able to brake in time, so that there were no consequential accidents. The truck driver from upper franconia sustained minor injuries in the accident. Due to the tractor-trailer lying crosswise, the road was blocked and no rescue lane could be formed. That’s why the emergency services had to come to the scene of the accident from the opposite direction. Finally the fire departments from the direction of kirchheim managed to get to the truck.

According to the police, the rescue operations will continue until the morning of thursday 29. March 2018) pull in. Officials expect considerable traffic obstructions around the hattenbacher triangle. To clean the roadway, the officials used the so-called "oil witch a, a special vehicle, which is responsible for the cleaning of the road from spilled fuels.

The freeway police estimate the damage to property at around 100.000 euro.

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