Playground in robfeld: from everyone for everyone

What can be achieved together was recently demonstrated in the robfeld district of bad rodach. Through the interlocking of various cogwheels, the "playground" project became a reality successfully converted. The SPD city council faction gave the initial impetus with its "playground offensive", getting the ball rolling. At the official inauguration of the new playground in robfeld, mayor tobias ehrlicher recalled the first talks with the people of robfeld in which the wish for a playground was manifested. Because no suitable land was available in the town, robfeld quickly agreed to build the playground "am eulhack" to settle. In view of the 17 children under the age of twelve in the bad rodach district, the majority of the city council also saw the need to set up such a play area.

After the way for the project was free, the robfelder musikanten and helmut bracklein suddenly came forward. Bracklein made it clear that he wanted to take over the excavation work, and the robfeld musicians did not relent; they wanted to take over the installation of the playground equipment. After the city had received a grant of 30 percent from the village renewal fund for the entire project, the plans could be put into practice.

Costs are moderate

Last sunday was the day. The new playground was handed over to its intended use with a small village festival, which was accompanied by music from the robfeld musicians and attracted many visitors. Since the city saved almost all labor costs thanks to the civic initiative (the building yard could not be completely dispensed with), the costs could be kept very low at around 15,000 euros. For burgermeister ehrlicher, the playground with a sandbox, a double swing, a seesaw and a climbing-sliding combination is characterized by a good range of play facilities. A bench invites the parents or grandparents to stay for a while.

Dietmar westhauser told us that the forest farmers’ cooperative is working on another resting bench. But not only from this side the project was supported. The city council factions of the SPD and the CSU each handed over 100 euros to mayor ehrlicher. With 200 euros, the "klamotte" contributed from heldritt contribute a part to the financing.

Still some work needed

The robfeld playground is not quite finished yet, however. "A fence should provide additional security without creating the feeling that the children are locked in", dear tobias honest knowledge. Since the lower nature conservation authority of the district office currently prohibits bush clearing, the mayor says that this work will have to be postponed. Pastor christian fruhwald expressed his hope that the playground would become a meeting place for all people. He asked for god’s blessing for all the people who will use the new facility.

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