Police arrest ex-chief of the colonn hells angels

police arrest ex-chief of the colonn hells angels

At the beginning of march, the rocker allegedly ordered the murder of a "bandido" to support the territorial claims of the "hells angels" in koln. A magistrate issued a warrant for his arrest. North rhine-westphalia’s interior minister ralf jager (SPD) had banned the koln club at the beginning of may and the aachen chapter of the "bandidos" in april.

Jager announced further consistent action against biker gangs. "The unscrupulous order to murder reveals the inhuman cruelty of the rocker world," the minister said. Rockers conducted their criminal business in a parallel world that knew only the right of the strongest. They are "self-proclaimed outlaws" who place themselves outside the legal system. "We do not tolerate such criminal subcultures", said jager.

The colonn police said that the accusation of attempted incitement to murder had to do with the clash between the "hells angels" and the "bandidos", who are enemies of the "hells angels", at the 30. Marz in the old town of koln. "The former "hells angels-president is accused of ordering a rocker from his entourage to stab the first member of the "bandidos" in the neck to ram a knife into the neck of the first member of the "bandidos"," said the police.

Thanks to a strong police presence, the crime did not occur. According to the police, the attack was intended to consolidate his club’s territorial claims and take revenge for an attack on a "hells angel", whom the "bandidos" had dangerously injured with a knife in monchengladbach in january 2012. In addition, the 50-year-old is said to have ordered and personally led a punitive action against a defector after the banning of the koln club at the beginning of may. According to the police, the planned knife attack in one of koln’s old town pubs failed because the attackers could not get past the bouncers.

The man was arrested early friday morning in front of his house in frechen. He did not resist arrest, a spokeswoman said.

Several federal states have already taken action against regional groups of the "hells angels" with bans. They are considered the most powerful and strongest rocker club in the world and are mostly organized in local associations.

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