Preferred scent: young and holy

Preferred scent: young and holy

The number of people allergic to fragrances is sufficient. Fragrance-free zones in public buildings, similar to the smoking ban, would be your wish. But instead, the trend seems to be spreading more and more, because now churches are also trying to lure young people with it.

54-year-old irmtraud schmidt (name changed by the editors) makes a big fuss about the detergent and hygiene departments of supermarkets. She can’t smell the pungent odor from the packaging and is often laughed at by her fellow human beings. 18-year-old anna gets asthma attacks when she smells perfumes and essential oils or incense, and 20-year-old niklas leaves the cinema in a hurry because unfamiliar scents make his throat close up.

Not only the everyday fragrances in hygiene products pose a danger to this group, but many public buildings are also artificially scented to encourage customers to buy or to create a pleasant atmosphere. If it is already a big problem for people allergic to fragrances to stay in public buildings, now the churches seem to be following suit and hoping for artificial fragrances to attract young people.

"Incense scent 2.0"

A fragrance developed specifically for the scenting of churches, called "incense scent 2".0". For a light, laser and music show in the cologne cathedral, the fragrance, which consists of more than 50 components – including frankincense and myrrh – was created "to bring young people into contact with the christian faith in a sensual way". Apparently it was thought that churches smell old, dusty and musty.

Meditative, relaxed, youthful and modern, on the other hand, the message behind the scent in the churches is now supposed to be. Not in the churches in the district of forchheim.

"At least nothing is planned at the diocesan level", female domkapitular peter wunsche. However, the decision to do so was made by the local priest. "But I don’t know of a single case in our archdiocese where artificial "scenting" is planned. However, they would also not be subject to registration or permission."

He shares the concerns of those allergic to fragrances. "Because of intolerances and allergies, I was strongly advised against it", stresses the bamberger domkapitular.

Because it is enough with the smell in public areas and many humans already on the often allergy-losing active substances in perfumes, softeners and deos react, also thorsten glauber was already addressed to it. He immediately addressed the issue and became active at the parliamentary level.

In addition, the member of the state parliament has drafted a report proposal that has successfully passed through the internal working groups of the state parliamentary group.

The free voters have already submitted a motion on the subject in the state parliament, which was rejected, much to creditor’s regret. The points of criticism at that time were therefore included in the new application.

Fragrance allergy sufferers hope for a positive decision similar to the ban on smoking in public places. The allergy and asthma association has also become active after this report and has written to the bistums, which already rely on a church scenting.

Finally, according to the chapter, there are enough possibilities to create a good atmosphere and freshness. "You can do a lot with natural means to counteract the ‘stuffiness’ that is sometimes criticized and to create a good atmosphere in a church, says wunsche.

Fresh air also helps

This includes regular airing, which is not so easy in churches because the windows cannot be opened. Cathedral chaplain wunsche has even more tips: "this includes the use of fresh flowers and the regular change of floral water, the moderate but regular use of good, natural incense, the scent of which also passes into the inventory and lasts after the service, and the use of candles that are at least partly made of real beeswax."

No pure beeswax

Pure beeswax melts even without a flame at high room temperatures in summer and is also expensive. "In well-maintained old churches, the light scent of the old wood mixes with it, creating a very pleasant indoor climate. There is no need for artificial fragrances", finds the head of the main department of pastoral care in the archdiocese.

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