Sheep (wool) is the red thread in maple

Sheep (wool) is the red thread in maple

In february, a time that is rather rare for carnival events, the geratemuseum ahorn has placed itself with its schlenkermarkt and has become a great visitor magnet for the fourth year now.

Candlemas once had a special meaning in the countryside. At the end of the working year, the farmhands received their wages, changed masters or lovers, and had the opportunity to look for new things at the market: clothes and trinkets or a new love. And they spent a few drunken hours in the pub.

Four years ago the idea was born in the old sheep farm to establish such a market. With great success. And so there was a lot to discover and marvel at on this saturday again.

Over 30 traders, over 700 visitors

Over 30 traders presented their products and old crafts at the same time. Knitted, crocheted, woven, preserved, potted and carved items were on display, as well as unique jewelry from artists' studios, felted hats and a wide variety of handicrafts. In the sheepfold and in the double barn there was a lot of turbulence. Well over 700 visitors strolled, feasted and fell in love with the flair of old times. The countrywomen showed what can be made from sheep's wool. They spun, knitted and knocked each other about.

Old acquaintances are renate and gustav luthardt from mengersgereuth-hammern. At their stand, children could try out how ships are carved. Food and drink were provided in the cafe in the double barn and, of course, in the shepherd's huts. But true to the motto of the old sheep farm, there was also "everything to do with sheep" on the parlor grounds the delicious sheep sausages.

Narrateau" always had a crowd of enthusiastic spectators ron endrich from chemnitz, a magician, juggler and fabulist by trade. His nimble magic tricks amazed some and made many laugh.

And later, as in previous years, he presented a spectacular fire show. 

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