Specialist company cuts trees in the floodplain

Forestry technician alfons loser sets the motor saw to work, cutting small slices from a beech trunk about 20 centimeters thick. The tree is quite crooked, threatening to topple onto the road and parking lot in the meadow. As well as about 50 other species. They must be cut down before something worse happens. As on 19. April 2010, when a tree fell in the au and totally demolished six cars in some cases.

The city and forester axel maunz have reacted immediately after the heavy rains of the past days and weeks, hired a forestry company that now removes the dangerous trees.

They came from burgsinn with four men and heavy equipment. Company boss alfons loser already knows the slope on the river meadow. He also mucked out here in the fall of 2010.

Immediate removal
He already cut down ten trees on tuesday morning. There was acute danger here. Now it's time for the other trees. To a depth of 20 meters all that are no longer stable.

Loser's employee sebastian gebert stands on the street in the au. In front of him a "belly store" like a model airplane. With his remote control, gebert can operate the tractor with the cable winch, which is parked a good 50 meters above on the forest path between bildeiche and klaushof. Before that, gebert has put a rope around the tree that alfons loser is currently storming. Gebert starts the winch by radio, there is an audible crash as the tree leans toward the slope and finally falls. "The trees are deliberately moved upwards so that as little as possible falls onto the road", says the forestry technician.

With hedging items
"Now it's the turn of the big beech, and it's a "krarachts", CALLS FOR SECURITY. He makes sure that when the trees are moved, no one is left standing in the street. It's closed, but bikers and pedestrians still pass by. Even a car is still in the danger zone. It is approved in estonia.
Loser and his employees are networked with each other by radio. "He falls schragt", the security guard gets out of his radio and respectfully keeps the necessary distance. "Double the length of a tree", as he says.

While sebastian gebert climbs 50 meters up the steep slope to his eight-ton, 150-horsepower tractor in order to bring it to a halt to go further, alfons loser explains that it is mainly weak trees that need to be felled. "The old trees are more stable."

Passable again
Loser and his team have fought their way almost to the halay point of the route in question. They are sure that they will be ready by noon on thursday. That is, from thursday evening, the parking lot in the au can be used again, the street can be opened.

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