Sunshade not tight enough

Mayor german hacker (SPD) approaches the subject with caution. In an interview for the meeting of the planning committee next tuesday, he pointed out that the city administration would like to turn over a decision. The new town hall building is not to be fitted with textile sun protection for the windows, as had been decided. Instead, the "raffstore" design is to be used to be taken.

The funny thing is: this is exactly the solution that is now being advocated. Hacker had already favored it when it was first awarded in march 2018 – along with a number of other city council members, by the way. This variant failed at the time, but the mayor took it with a sense of humor. But that obviously didn’t leave him in peace. Especially since he had already pointed out the disadvantages of the decided form at that time, as he stated now again with a certain smile.

No sufficient shading

Because in the meantime, he said, skepticism has been confirmed. It had become apparent that the textile variant was not suitable for keeping sufficient light from entering the building. And because the light comes from the sunshine, it gets really warm inside as well. According to hacker, the city took the proof from the new pavilion at the carl-platz school, where a similar shading system had been purchased.

You can’t even talk about shading, said hacker. It remains basically too bright. This would not be sustainable if applied to the new town hall. A meeting room that cannot be darkened is really not something to strive for. That is why the administration is now proposing that the decision be revoked and the "raffstore" be replaced-to take the lead. This is a design with lamellas made mostly of aluminum. Of course, they cannot be seen from the outside, but they can be used more flexibly. As they can be lowered to different heights, depending on the need. Of course, this could be a bit "unexcited" from the outside act. The justification for the proposed reversal of the decision reads as follows: "in the meantime, the administration has received current experience on the effectiveness of a textile sunshade from the new construction of the pavilion at the carl-platz school. There it must be noted that with this type of execution it is not possible to obtain sufficient shading."

Two more awards for the town hall occupy the committee. This is the design of the entrance area, including the "pfortner-hauschen", and the design of the meeting hall, the wood of which had already been described as too dark by the city council.

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