This is how the hallerndorf elementary and middle school is to be renovated

This is how the hallerndorf elementary and middle school is to be renovated

The design for the renovation of the hallerndorf elementary and secondary school was presented by architect andreas konopatzki. Due to static conditions konopatzki had changed the planned position of the elevator. Otherwise the technical expenses would have increased by about 250000 euro, the architect explained. Landscape architect kathrin niblein designed the plan for the aubengestaltung. "We are in the starting blocks", konopatzki signaled to the city council.

Debate about school books

This approved finally after longer discussion the plan unanimously. The planned extension of a bookstore was the reason for the debate, after all the costs for this are not demandable. Gerhard bauer (WG hallerndorf) pointed out that, according to the vitality check, the center of hallerndorf is to be given a lively design. According to this point of view, the bookings in the school are counterproductive, he argued.

For mayor torsten gunselmann, the question of the pros and cons of the bookstore in the school is a political one: "do we want it – or not??", he asked the councillors. Matthias erlwein (JAB) wanted to know how high the architect had estimated the costs for this, but the architect pointed out that the 250,000 euros estimated for this could not be saved in full if the school library were to be omitted. Finally, a replacement building had to be created at this location as a place for the garbage cans and storage for other things. Local councillor stephan beck (WG willersdorf/haid) spoke out energetically in favor of the bookstore and praised the architect’s excellent planning. Torsten gunselmann agreed: "I also want to make the school more attractive.

Ten votes for – seven votes against

Gerhard bauer called on the municipal council to think about a concept for its use. He argued that the well-functioning bookstore in the center of town should not be replaced by a new building. Robert linz (WG trailsdorf) also found the objections of the other councillors justified, saying that 250,000 euros was a lot of money. In the vote, ten councillors voted in favor of building a bookstore at the elementary and middle school, while seven were against it. Thus the school will get a new bookshop.

On the subject: a blow for the school location hallerndorf, hirschaid leaves the school district.

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