Water supply is a concern

If commander wolfgang gantke hadn’t said it, none of those present had suspected it: the water supply in the schlehenmuhle is so weak that the village, and above all the inn, cannot be adequately supplied with firewater in the event of a fire. Since 2015, gantke has been denouncing this state of affairs; above all, the hydrants, which often do not comply with the regulations, need to be upgraded, but not much has happened so far.

He therefore called for a concept of the loewater, in which the current situation is recorded and solutions are searched for. Mayor fortsch is aware of the situation "but it’s hard to find a workable solution", he said, because the water supplier, the wichsensteingruppe "only prioritizes the supply with drinking water, but not the loschwasserversorgung". For this reason, he is also considering the construction of a loach water pond for emergencies, which would bridge the time until a hose line is built up from the trubach river.

It is also known from bieberbach that all the water pipes in the village go dry as soon as the fire department holds a drill and draws water from a hydrant. Here, too, a complete overhaul of the pipe network would be necessary to remedy the situation. Speaking of water pipes, a citizen asked how it could be that the local water system in egloffstein has already been chlorinated twice without the citizens being informed in time.

Fortsch excused the failure by saying that, to the best of his knowledge, no sufficient and clear information could be obtained on how to deal with a chlorine spill and who had to be informed in advance and when.

More positive was the information of the mayor that the cycle path from alting to the clearing plant in the trubach valley had so far been cleared of bushes and replanted by one man in order to facilitate the access for cyclists as well as for farmers.

Free of charge for the community

Gunter obmann has already invested 175 volunteer hours in the rehabilitation, more will follow until the path is completely finished. He does it for free and for the community for free, as fortsch assured. "He wants the community to invest the money it has saved in social projects."

The completion of a cycle path from the waterwheel at mostviel to the open-air swimming pool was not quite so easy. The main problem here is that some property owners refuse to give up land.

They fear, says fortsch, that the planned farm and cycle path can be extended in the future and that they, as landowners, will then have a financial share in it. The lack of a toilet at the new bus interchange was criticized, and some people dubbed it a "schildburgerstreich". Fortsch argued that it would have been too expensive to install a wastewater disposal system on the land of the former hikers’ parking lot.

He holds more of the idea, the neighboring room place as wohnmobilstellplatz to ertuchtigen. It would not be a problem to install toilets there.

Another point of criticism was that the county is currently only installing high curbs at farm entrances, which makes it difficult for farmers and their trailers to drive in. This is justified by burgermeister fortsch with the reference to the fact that the strabenabwasser should not fall into the yard of the adjoining owners, but into the canal.

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