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Bernd weib writes a book. The word "failed" was in the first working title, but the CSU member of the state parliament and notary public quickly struck that out. Failed, even if only for the time being, is already another in his party. The non-successful one prefers to use the vocabulary of the father of the state, horst seehofer. Bernd weib goes on the air.
The lawyer from the village of bahra in the district of rhon-grabfeld, who has been a member of the state parliament for the CSU since 2003 and, after the 2008 electoral district reform, entered the maximilianeum for the first time as a direct candidate for the merged districts of habberge and rhon-grabfeld, is said to have a certain sense of mission.

The crash

Until then, everything was running smoothly for weib and the CSU, but in 2008, with the party's fall from 60 to 43 percent, the seemingly unstoppable rise of the notary from schweinfurt also began to become a little slow.
Having just joined the seehofer cabinet, weib announced his resignation from the office of secretary of the interior in october 2009. The controversy over the financing of digital official radio was the trigger for the media-effective self-mobbing of the man from lower franconia, but the background was a dispute between the doctor of law and the party leader and minister president that has continued to this day. "Horst seehofer is the exact copy of me. Only in reverse, as negative and positive in the photo", says woman. Seehofer stands for the transformation of the CSU from a "people's party" to a "party of participation". Internally, they are obliged to represent the party's line, but neither internally nor externally is there any recognizable line at all.

At three in the morning …

"There was a time when you could call a member of the CSU or the CDU at three in the morning and ask them for three reasons why they voted for that party. Today all this is diffuse."
Says weib and still plays seehofer in the sense of his quote from a zdf interview, which has already become a television classic: "you can broadcast it all just like that." In doing so, he accepts that his cross shots both outwardly and inwardly may well be considered part of this diffusion.
When weib talks, it's often about things he does or says because he thinks they have to be said or done. What weib sends, however, is apparently not received everywhere in his constituency. More or less openly, the deputy's party friends, especially in the habberge district, criticize the lawyer for being too pale, too well-behaved, too unprasent and not particularly hard-working. "A mayor from the district of habberge said I was considered arrogant and stuck-up." This impression quickly vanished during the personal meeting.

Targeted belt?

Where do the prejudices come from? Are they being targeted? The CSU's former hopeful is being mobbed? And if so, by whom? Weib weib does, but he won't name names. A bit of a rebel – with pleasure; nest-destroyer? No. The subtle mind, which prefers to think in coarse contexts, does not stumble into such political lowlands.
The euro crisis, national debt: these are the issues that the deputy who sits in the parliamentary group next to his successor in the interior ministry, gerhard eck from donnersdorf, is concerned with. "I have a number of projects and proposals that I would like to see completed by the end of the legislative term, says female, well aware that it is his ambitions towards high politics that could give his actions a touch of arrogance.

Not the "grubaugust

"I'm just not the type who sits at every beer table as a grubaugust", says female. "Serious political work looks different to me." He could achieve more for the region and for the people in the region if he knocked on the right doors in munich. "I have a very good connection to the ministerial bureaucracy," says, says woman. For the district of rhon-grabfeld and also for the district of habberge, he has already been able to push through many things "without me always having to trumpet them right away in a press release".
But there is one thing weib values: he wants to be asked. "I do not pander", he says. Weib does not understand why the mayors in the district of rhon-grabfeld approach him as if it were a matter of course, while in the district of habberge he is often "left out in the cold", especially noticeable after his resignation as secretary of state and the announced withdrawal from state politics.

Insulted liver sausage?

"Since then I have been something of an unperson", says weib, quoting from invitations he received at "short notice" I have received. As an "affront calls it feminine when he is not mentioned at all in letters of invitation, but "mandatstrager dorothee bar and albert meyer" are. Meyer has been without a mandate for a long time, weib still has his like bar …
As an "insulted liver sausage" female does not want to apply after he leaned out of the window in a newspaper interview so shortly before the nomination meeting. "It was a fallacy."

From munich to berlin?

The question remains as to what the failed state politician intends to do in the future? "I am and will remain a political person", he says. The move to schweinfurt opens up a new option for him: to run for the federal parliament as michael glos's successor. "I was not going to say no", he means. "When asked."
Until then, there is time to finish his book. "From boarding empty ships" should it stay now. Written by himself,

Reactions: gunther geiling

The fraction chairman of the CSU in the district council habberge from breitbrunn sees no discord between the CSU in the district habberge and bernd weib, on the contrary: "on the party level and also in the communities we work closely and well together with the deputy." That there are certain "atmospheric disturbances geiling admits, however, that "to this day, no one has understood why he threw in his office as secretary of state so suddenly. This has damaged the party as a whole."

Steffen vogel

The district chairman of the CSU habberge, steffen vogel from theres, whom bernd weib more or less openly attacks, considers the criticism of the deputy to be factually unjustified. "Here, a time was deliberately chosen to bring unrest into the party and to polarize", says vogel. He does not understand that women choose the path of publicity to place his criticism. The offices of the two lawyers in schweinfurt are only a stone's throw away from each other. "If you want to talk, you'll find a way."

Dorothee bar

The csu member of parliament dorothee bar from ebelsbach, whose own unexciting nomination meeting is scheduled for today, saturday, in wollbach, does not want to comment on the exchange of blows between the csu rhon-grabfeld and the csu habberge in the run-up to the state elections. She says basic things: "I believe that the CSU is best served by the good style of clarifying internal problems internally as well." The deputy secretary-general says the public route is usually not the most effective one.

Gerhard eck

Bernd weib's successor in the interior ministry, state secretary gerhard eck from donnersdorf, sees a "certain nervousness" before the vote for the state parliament candidate on monday. But for the CSU politician, if anything, that's a luxury problem: "other parties can't find any more candidates. We have two highly qualified and motivated people. Vogel and machon, says eck, are "intelligent enough to accept the election results and then deal with each other in a reasonable manner".

Christian machon

Steffen vogel's opponent at the nomination meeting on monday, district chairman christian machon from the rhon-grabfeld district, sees the duel for the direct candidacy both sportingly and nuchtern scientifically: "with a vote ratio of 65 to 55, steffen is the favorite, but aubenseiter should not be underestimated.", says the pharmacist. The sharpness that came into the discussion about the female successor is "no break in the leg" for machon: "it is normal when tension arises in the final spurt."

Albert meyer

Albert meyer (86) from habfurt, the long-serving member of parliament, secretary of state for finance under three minister presidents and still an icon of the CSU, takes a clear stance in favor of vogel, who in the last state parliament elections achieved the second-best result for the CSU in lower franconia behind barbara stamm and is "the right candidate is. Meyer understands that women stand up for machon: "that's a regional connection." On the other hand, weib has put himself on the sidelines with his resignation as secretary of state: "you don't do that."

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