World criminal court wants rebel leader extradited quickly

world criminal court wants rebel leader extradited quickly

International criminal court demands swift extradition of suspected war criminal ntaganda. The congolese, who also calls himself "the terminator," had sought refuge on monday in the U.S. Embassy in the rwandan capital of kigali.

"We will cooperate with all relevant authorities in the region to enable the immediate delivery to istgh," announced chief anchorwoman fatou bensouda on tuesday in the hague. Ntaganda wants to be handed over to the criminal court (istgh).

Extradition is made difficult, however, because both rwanda and the USA have not signed the statutes of the world criminal court. Rwandan government denied any responsibility. "Rwanda has nothing to do with whether or not bosco ntaganda is transferred to istgh," said auben minister louise mushikiwabo. "He is in u.S. Territory, and this is now a matter between the u.S., the congo and the international criminal court."

The criminal court has been searching for ntaganda since 2006 for numerous war crimes committed during the civil war in congo. It is said to be responsible, among other things, for the use of child soldiers, murder and sexual enslavement of young girls. Chief anchorwoman bensouda buried the task of the rebel leader. "This is great news for the citizens of the congo who have suffered from the crimes for too long".

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